Heavy Truck Collision Repair
As a Truck Driver, you are an instrumental part of the “backbone” of what makes this economy run.

This being said, making sure that your truck is in tip-top shape is very important.

Even the most experienced drivers can’t always avoid collisions.

Fleet Paint and Body Repair is there to help, when those moments happen.

Your relationship with Fleet can make the difference in being “down and out” or being on the “Top of your game.

” Establishing a relationship with Fleet before you need us, can make those moments feel much more manageable as a Driver and/ or as an Owner.

Fleet gets to know You / Your Company / and your Insurance.

Our Collision Services are geared to make the most undesirable moments feel just a little better.

Knowing that we have your back and will get your Truck repaired correctly and in a way that is safe to be back on the road will give you just a little more “peace of mind.”


Heavy Truck Engine Repair

Keeping your Truck in tip top shape is crucial. Preventative repair & maintenance can save you time and money down the road.

Fleet will work with you on your needed repairs and maintenance and get those items taken care of before they create more of a problem for you.

The Fleet team works hard to keep your down time at a minimum.

Fleet is always working hard to keep you on the road.


Heavy Truck Collision Repair
First impressions… They can last a lifetime.

What does your image look like?

And if you were your Customer or potential Customer, what would your First Impression look like?

Your trucks are rolling billboards of first impressions.

They are what people remember you for.

Do you want them to remember you for something positive or something negative?

Fleet is here to make sure that your company is well represented.

In today’s society where the world is shared with the click of a button, being represented the correct way couldn’t be any more important than it is now.

Combining your ideas with the ideas of the great team at Fleet, will keep you looking great for years to come and at the same time keep your truck in great safe working order.

Image and safety are the 2 main focus points in Fleet’s Heavy Truck Branding Service.

Come check them out and start the conversation with how to take control of what image YOU want to represent.


Heavy Truck Collision Repair
Salt has NEVER been our “friend.”

Working and driving in the northern States, can cause major issues for your equipment and trucks.

This should be one of the main focus points for your equipment.

Taking care of your equipment is a sure way that you can ensure that your equipment takes care of YOU… Getting the Industrial Sandblasting and Painting treatment at Fleet is a completely different experience than anywhere else.

Fleet treats your equipment like it’s their own.

Fleet has it’s own style of repair process.

They leave no “stone unturned.”

From their Sandblasting to their Steel and Aluminum Fabrication, to their unmatched Paint procedures, they will ALWAYS have your best interest in mind.

Making sure that your truck is done the correct way the first time is the way that Fleet has built their reputation.


Owning an RV is FUN! But….It also requires work.

Don’t let your good times with family and friends get spoiled by not keeping up with your RIG.

Fleet’s RV Specialists can handle anything that you throw at them.

Whether it’s general maintenance and refinish, to Collision Repairs, they make your Rig look great, all while keeping it safe and reliable for the times that you don’t want to worry about anything else other than having fun.

From their state-of-the-art Custom paint operations to the expertise of their RV Collision Experts, Fleet has your back to make the Fun times even more Fun!!!


Custom painted Semi

No matter how big or small, come meet with the design team at Fleet. Create your “dream truck!” or your “dream RV!”

Whatever color you want, whatever design you want, Fleet can make it happen.

From Fleet’s custom paint designs, to their custom fabrication, they can make you stand above the rest.

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